A considerable measure of development and change in innovation has occurred in the most recent two decades. This has prompted an uncommon change in the way of manufacturing. The advanced ways have restored and changed the assembling and manufacturing process. Presently the business keeps running on the quality of computers and related innovations, this is the reason Automation has turned into an indispensable part of today’s manufacturing world. There is no denying in the way that Automation has made it workable for the organizations to build the generation at an exceptional rate and dependability. We rundown down a couple of benefits of Automation:

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  • Reduced production time – Using a computerized machine without a doubt rates up the procedure of manufacturing and this prompts a noteworthy decline in the time of production.


  • Accuracy – Involvement of innovative machines has guaranteed precision in the work that prompts a general improvement of the organization.


  • Less human error – Due to restricted human inclusion in a large portion of the procedures, minor and major human mistakes have been decreased fundamentally.


  • Increased wellbeing – Making utilization of robotized machines helps in guaranteeing high wellbeing and efforts to establish safety. It helps in keeping up secrecy at whatever point required.


At Anax Projects we understand the significance of automation and we make a point to help our students to excel in this field.


Being a vast and challenging field, Automation industry requires a fusion of different fields of engineering such as CS/IT, electrical, mechanical, compound and hardware to work to the best of its abilities. In today’s world of innovation, more usefulness is being characterized by programming instead of equipment, so this has prompted a complex increment in the demand of automation industry.

With the assistance of automation the industry has ended up conceivable to go on the knowledge to a framework keeping in mind the end goal to make it productive and practical.

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Automation organizations work towards altering items for particular applications and necessities. These are in effect broadly utilized as a part of the business and are getting to be prominent at a surprising rate.

From past numerous years, a couple of advancements have given the mechanical computerization new prospects of development. For instance, the programmable rationale controller (PLC) was intended to supplant transfer rationale, it produced development in applications where custom rationale was hard to execute and change. The PLC was a considerable measure more dependable than transfer contacts, and much simpler to program and reinvent. Development was fast in vehicles test-establishments, which must be re-customized regularly for new auto models. The PLC has had a long and profitable life – somewhere in the range of three decades – and (justifiably) has now turned into an item. Correspondingly numerous other helpful projects have appeared.

After identifying the endless scope of Automation industry, at Anax Projects and Development we make a point to help the interested students by providing them efficient training.


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There is no doubt in the fact that Automation is a multi-disciplinary field and this is the reason why this particular sector needs the union of diverse engineering fields such as CS/IT, electrical, mechanical, chemical and electronics to function properly and effectively. Currently, the technology is constantly changing and improving and this involves the use of software. Therefore the automation industry is in great demand as almost all the industries, big or small, need the help of automation from time to time.

Automation industry has made it possible to induce the artificial intelligence in a system to make it more advanced and efficient.

Automation industry provides customized products for precise applications and requirements. A lot of businesses require customized software in order to provide additional security to their system to minimize the threat of any harm planned by external hackers. So this supports the fact that automation industry is in great demand right now and by developing his or her skills one can expect to make a very bright career in this field.

Keeping in mind the enormous compass of Automation industry, at Anax Projects and Development provide the right kind of training to the interested students.

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SCADA- Ultimate tool for data gathering

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SCADA is one of the main software behind the success of Automation industry.Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is the latest technology which ensures the monitoring of data and information which can be easily manipulated by technicians. There is no doubt in the fact that with the help of this software, monitoring and data gathering tool are being used in many large and complex industrial infrastructure.

SCADA is a type of computer software system which aims to supervise and acquire the data and further to send control commands in this regard. Remote units are being used for connecting various sensors to send these data.

The infrastructure is connected with communication between the remote units and the supervising system which uses SCADA for coordinating in real time. It cannot control the procedure of data which is used in real time as it can easily manipulate and manage the data in dynamic and current real time.

A firm can access the SCADA software with the help of different virtual networks on the internet. Not only SCADA software but hardware of it has different usage. The remotes are the best example of it which is being mentioned in the previous lines. These remotes allow the engineers to design and implement the programs to be used on the units of remotes.

Whether it is about sanitized water coming from your tap or about thousands of passengers travelling through flights, this vast and complicated tool takes the responsibility of all these elements of our daily life.

Practical training session from Anax Projects and Development can provide you with the job opportunities in the automation industry.


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While manufacturing electronic devices, manufacturers need to outline a front panel for enhancing the usability of the devices for the customers. At the time of making designs for device enclosures, the need of front panel increases as many companies are shifting away from the trend of keeping essential electronics in cheap boxes. Numerous metal device enclosures in areas available today do not have a front panel, so it is fundamental for these clients to plan and buy custom panels separately.

In order to have a better understanding of the requirement for custom control panels, you will have to consider on the methods of utilization of these devices. At the time of debugging the running programs, bootstrapping and diagnosing hardware issues, the operator of the device has to stands in front of the panel. Toggle switches are being used to give command for the devices.

Modern devices of this era permit the operator to set changes to a dialect that the machine all the more effortlessly gets it. A few machines even permit I/O gadgets to be ordered right from the control board. Panel designing programs can ensure a unique design to the customers as modern devices needs different designs for them.

Clients additionally welcome the way that these projects make it less demanding for panels to be modified to match definite specifications of the gadgets. This permits clients to pick up help with planning essential electrical gathering, lighting controls, engine or motor controls, andautomated systems.

With Anax Projects and Development you will get the nest opportunity of training and placement in the sector of panel designing. Let your career grow with us.


Robotics-An advance Machinery Automation

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Innovations in the technological fields have amazed us every time. These innovations have played a crucial role in changing our life completely. One more amazing contribution of this technology is Robots. Nowadays everyone is aware of the term ‘Robotics’. They are the machines made with the purpose to serve the human beings in performing specific tasks.

Robots are controlled by a computer as they can only perform the tasks for which they have been programmed by the designers and developers. Robotics is a complete automated field which provides complete automated and robotic solutions to a wide range of companies across the world.

With the growing extensive dependence of robotics in various industries it made us to think about the benefits of utilizing the services of industrial robots for businesses. In the big corporate ventures the production is done on the massive quantity which is sometimes beyond the capacity of a human resource but can be easily done with the help of automated machines.

Automated robots can give the benefits in following ways:

· Getting work done with the help of robots a company can easily cut the expenses and reduce the costs of operations.

· With the reduction in the cost robots can ensure the maximum increase in the production by improving the quality of the same as well.

· Robots are the automated machines and works on the instruction being provided to them. These automated machines less and no error at the work place.

· Robots have the potential to give the flexibility in the work as they possess the potential for expansion.

Anax Projects and Development Pvt. Ltd believes that technological innovations have made significant progress in making production and distribution easy and efficient. Whether it is about operating a small firm or a big business, the utilization of number of robotic component solutions cannot be denied. Automated robotics has made the process of manufacturing and distribution very easy and is available to perform numerous other functions.


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The advantages of Robotics have end up being clearer as the present day advancements have created and developed in the 50+ years since the first cutting edge robot, Unimate, was put into usage around 60 years ago. Around 90% of the robots being utilized today are as a part of the present day mechanical innovation section in assembling plants. Discussing 2004, the Robotics Industry Association (RIA) uncovered that around 1,40,000 present day robots were being utilized as a part of the US amid this year. Robots are right now furthermore used as a piece of real commercial ventures so as to give expanded yield.

The advantages of Robotics can be organized into four huge classes:

1) Increased level of precision: The utilization of Robots has absolutely expanded the level of exactness. People have a tendency to commit errors however Robots are machines and thus make no humanly-lapses.

2) Increased proficiency and velocity: Robots take impressively lesser time to finish any undertaking than individuals.

3) Work in extreme circumstances: Robots have a capacity to work in circumstances that are risky or threatening for people.

4) Freedom from human requirements: A great deal of time gets spared in light of the fact that robots are free from human limitations, for instance, weakness and the need to eat and rest.

At Anax Projects & Development, we comprehend the enormous open doors joined with Robotics along these lines we offer training in this field.


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  • Flexible.
  • Faster response time.
  • Less and simpler wiring.
  • Solid-States no moving parts.
  • Modular Design- Easy to repair and expand.
  • Handles much more complicated systems.
  • Sophisticated instruction sets available.
  • Less expensive.
  • Allows for diagnostics “easy to troubleshoot”.


A PLC can communicate with other controllers or computer equipment. They can be networked to perform such functions as:

Supervisory control, Data gathering, Monitoring devices and Process parameters, and downloading and uploading of programs.

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  • Introduced in the late 1960’s.
  • Developed to offer the same functionality as the existing relay logic systems
  • Programmable, Usable and Reliable.
  • Specialized computer used to control machines and process.
  • It uses a programmable memory to store instructions and specific functions.


Originally PLCs were designed to replace relay control logic. The cost savings using PLCs have been so significant that relay control is becoming obsolete, except for power applications. Generally, if applications require more than about 6 control relays, it will usually be less expensive to install a PLC.

The fundamental PLC module must be adequately adaptable and configurable to meet the various needs of diverse manufacturing plants and applications.Information jolts (either simple or advanced) are gotten from machines, sensors, or procedure occasions as voltage or current.

Anax Projects’ is creating a huge career scope for the personnel of automation industry by providing skillful training on PLC. Training from ‘Anax Project and Development enables managers, engineers, supervisors and operators to view and interact with the working of entire operations through graphical representation of their product process.

“ANAX PROJECTS AND DEVELOPMENT PVT LTD” is the stop where you can gain knowledge and increase your skills.

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